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Election Campaign

Listen up and speak out

You deserve to be heard. So, inform your voice by opening your ears. Listen to opposing views when forming your own. And speak with a range of people.

Speak out: Press

Listen to podcasts

From 10-minute updates to full-length features, there’s a wide world of podcasts out there. Pick a topic and find a pod. You can listen and learn on the move. Writing down fun facts can come in handy during debate and daily life. Click the button below for some great pods


Seek conversations

Online or in-person, engaging in conversations opens the door to meeting new people and to hearing different perspectives. Make sure to keep your personal political affiliation out of it and remember that listening is half the battle.


Speak at meetings

Public speaking can be daunting. But it’s a great life skill. You could start off by asking questions in public meetings to gain confidence. Remember to separate your argument from the individual. And who knows? You may talk your way to Parliament Hill.


Engage in respectful debate

A healthy exchange of ideas is energizing. And it’s OK to agree to disagree. But we should do so respectfully, appreciating the other person’s perspective.

Speak out: List
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